Normally suited for individual well defined projects. If you have any requirement get in touch with us and we shall contact you within 24 hrs with our proposal.The pricing model under this engagement model can vary between:

    Fixed Price: The model is suitable when it is a relatively small project and all the deliverables are clearly defined. We get your specifications, get back to you with our fixed quote and time estimates. We get your work order and advance, the work is started and completed within the deadline meeting all your requirements.

    Partial multiple payment(Modules delivered model): Normally the scope of the project is much larger in this model. The entire project is broken up into modules. After completion of each module it is uploaded for your testing. The payments are broken up and related to completion of each module.

    Our extensive use of Agile methodology allows customers to evaluate at each stage and change as necessary, this helps them to stay focussed on their solution and be flexible without worrying much on the development challenges.


    ODT is the optimum solution, if you are involved in ongoing development or support. It works like an extension of your in-house team. We set up offshore team in such a manner that it integrates tightly with your core development team onsite. Commitment to high quality is at the core of our culture and serves as the main approach to our clients.

    The knowledge and experience which our developers have gained from various projects become immediately available to you. This is an advantage of shared cross group knowledge accross many domains.

    Our continuous investment in people and skills means that you have the right people for your job. Your dedicated team is staffed either by existing resources or by resources hired specifically for your project or a mix of both.